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Start-Up Story

- April 15, 2021

Historically, in most States in India, particularly in small cities and towns, the idea that smart kids could start a business did not find favour. If you were smart, if you were any good, you got yourself a great job. That is what got you social approval. As a result, over time, these places accumulated enterprise-deficit. Simply put,...
Stigma in times of Corona

- September 16, 2020

I have been torn between wanting to write about Covid-19 and writing about other things. After all, there is so much data, opinion, and advice already out there and all over the place. Also, what is the point in adding to the vast pool of mostly non-knowledge? Maybe, I said to myself, write about other things to take the mind off the pandemic. But...
Back with you and so happy!

- August 07, 2020

In one place, you will see all I stood for, what I thought and how I felt.  Folks, I cannot tell you how delighted I am to share my life’s work, my thoughts, and feelings with you. This blog will also give me a great way to connect with all of you. But before everything else, I do need to share with you, how this brand-new blog has...
Arguing against the Idea of Focus: 9 Serious Risks to Consider

- July 31, 2017

Let me begin by wishing all of you good health, cheer, the joy of learning in the coming two years of your stay here. Let IIM Sambalpur not just be a great platform for you, may it guide you to your purpose as well. For my address to all of you today, I have chosen the subject of Focus. All of you are children of focus. Focus comes naturally to...
The Light Has Gone Out

- November 16, 2015

Peter Drucker has moved on. Father of modern management. Philosopher to the business world. The man who saw tomorrow and the day after. He was the most prolific most impactful writer on management – spanning decades. In all this, his greatness leaves behind a vacuum that will be difficult to fill up anytime soon. We will miss him for a very...
Trip to Gangtok

- October 09, 2015

Day 1 By the time the flight landed at Bagdogra, the October sun was going down the manicured tea gardens and a soft haze was escorting the night in. We got into the car, headed out to Gangtok, up the Himalayas. I was going there to deliver the 15th convocation address at the Sikkim Manipal University. As soon as we were on the highway,...
The Difference Between Taking Risk And Risky Behaviour

Livemint - May 26, 2015

As an entrepreneur, should I be confident or cautious, should I take risks or avoid them?Entrepreneurs are path makers. They create a path where none existed before. That implies there may be uncertainties at multiple levels. As the entrepreneur begins creating a new path, assumptions can prove wrong, unscripted events may present themselves and...
The Magic Bricks of Mindtree Kalinga

- April 23, 2015

Ask Mother NatureIt all began when we started building our newest facility in Bhubaneswar – Mindtree Kalinga on a 20-acre land. The construction company had dug
out mounds of earth for leveling the land and then, thousands of cubic meters more were excavated when the foundation work started. Soon they approached us to find a place where the...
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