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Back with you and so happy!

Back with you and so happy!

- August 07, 2020

In one place, you will see all I stood for, what I thought and how I felt. 


Folks, I cannot tell you how delighted I am to share my life’s work, my thoughts, and feelings with you. This blog will also give me a great way to connect with all of you. But before everything else, I do need to share with you, how this brand-new blog has come about.

It was probably sometime in the year 2003 when Mindtree was still a start-up. Manoj Chandran, who is now Chief Executive of White Swan Foundation, had just come on board as the head of marketing at Mindtree. I had brought him in from Cyber Media, where he used to be the online content editor. Right from the very start, I had felt that an early-stage enterprise must document its journey well and build, what I call, “affinity with content”. Let me explain what I mean by “affinity with content”.

Enterprises, whether for business or otherwise, are nothing but a set of ideas. When organizations build content through blogs, books, movies and other avenues, those ideas get limbs, they travel  far and wide. That is how we can build the foundation of a knowledge-driven organization. After coming on board at Mindtree, Manoj got after me to start a blog as part of the Mindtree website.

Blogs then were a novelty. Social media, the way we know them today, in all their profusion, were yet to arrive on the scene. I was somewhat reticent about penning a blog. I did not want to start something which I would not be able to tend to. Everything, however small, needs sustained commitment. Starting a blog is like bringing home a pet. Well almost.

But finally, Manoj prevailed. I started the blog. Over the two decades after that, it became a repository for all my writing work that were published in magazines and newspapers, my video interviews, and speeches and many such things found a place in it.

As you probably know, I stepped down from Mindtree in April 2016. But even after, I tended to the blog, off and on, because Mindtree let me keep all the content I had created online on the website of the company. All that changed after the company changed hands in 2019. Understandably, the blog was taken down as a vestige of the past. With it, many of my readers, who liked to read my jottings, essays, interviews, and photographs lost touch with me.

However, thanks again to Manoj Chandran, who had left Mindtree years back, gone to Ashoka Innovators for the Public, and then eventually come to head White Swan Foundation, and  Sweta Mohanty, who is part of the White Swan team, the contents have been curated again and that is what you have in front of you.

The technology behind it all came from friends at CSM Technologies, a leading internet company out of Bhubaneswar. Three people out there helped a lot and I must call them out: Animesh Patnaik, Himalaya Pagada and Rahul Kumar Saw.

Manoj Chandran

Sweta Mohanty

Animesh Patnaik

Himalaya Pagada

Rahul Kumar Saw

Now, it is all for you, my dear readers. Some of you are new to me. Many have been with me for decades, people who cared for my thoughts and shared my perspectives and values. But in equal loving measure, I also present this new site to all those who do not.

We do not grow unless we have folks in our midst who do not question us, disagree with us, show us a path other than what we may ignorantly feel to be the path.  

So, to all of you, thank you for being here with me. Spend whatever time you like, tell me about your thoughts and feelings. Happy browsing.

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  • Ashish Kumar Chandan, 11 Aug 2020

    Extremely elated to read the post Sir. Please keep posting your achievements and experience. The coming generation needs your dynamic guidance. Ashish

  • Susant J Das, 11 Aug 2020

    Its Great Sir! You are back to inspire all of us! Sir, it is possible to start a story telling kind of things ( web series) on Go Kiss the World! It is just a small suggestion! You may think about it.It will inspire the world!

  • Sandhyarani senapati, 10 Aug 2020

    Thanks sir ,for your speech in corona time.

  • Bhimsen Jena, 09 Aug 2020

    Good morning Sir. U have been a source of inspiration for many so for me since a long time. I knew your name and portfolio but knew you from the articles by Madam Susmita in newspaper. Like many others I also nurture a desire to start a agro based company in coastal Odisha and seek your blessings in the form of guidance as you have a proper knowledge in the field. With regards Bhimsen Jena, Barbil

  • Charcheeta, 09 Aug 2020

    Congratulations πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’ to all who have been recognised for their dedication, hard work of sleepless nights . Specially these kind of recognitions keeps the employees spurring up .....πŸ‘ Great message Sir......πŸ™

  • Sanjay, 09 Aug 2020

    Right Step in Right Direction


    Welcome sir..miss your blog for long time..you play a pivotal role in my life journey

  • V Jayachandra, 09 Aug 2020

    Welcome back Sir. I always love to read your books and other articles. Your rich experience is always helping me

  • Pran Krishno Panigrahi, 09 Aug 2020

    Welcome back sir, hope we will be delighted with your thoughts in future, with regards

  • Saroj Kumar Patnaik, 09 Aug 2020

    I too am very happy.


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